You’ve Gone Too Far, Even For Me.

I’d love to be more pious and say there’s a lot that shocks me.  Sadly, there really isn’t.  When it comes to TV-viewing, for example (and my expertise in reality shows) well, suffice to say it takes a LOT for me to say things have gone too far.

But congratulations, CW, you’ve managed to horrify me with the new print ads recently published everywhere for the teen drama “Gossip Girl.”  People might think I’m overreacting; maybe they need to see it to believe it.  The ad explicitly depicts two high school kids having sex, with the caption “OMFG.”  If you’re too old for text-messaging you may not realize these are initials kids use to express “Oh My F-ing G-d.”  I’m sorry to spell it out, but you need to know this.

Why isn’t there more outrage about these photos, which are basically one step above child porn? If you’re an adult drawn to a show that promises this level of graphic sex among teenagers, you’re probably a pervert.  If you’re a teenager, I want to offer you a head’s up:  Real life is not like this.  In real life having sex in the wrong context (and I promise you all high school sex falls into this category) is going to leave you hurt, degraded, lonely, used, and in all statistical likelihood, physically scarred.  It’s going to take you way out of your depth in pressures you shouldn’t have to handle, like pregnancy, abortion and other people’s feelings at an incredibly intimate level. 

I’m not going to lie and say it won’t make you popular, or won’t feel like the right thing at the time.  Because the truth is that our culture likes you to be having sex and wants to reward you for it.  People like the executives at CW want to make money off it, and lots of people are too lazy or stupid to tell you you should wait.  Others want to exploit your need for acceptance and use you for it.  But ask yourself: can you think of any other times American culture has been maybe a teeny bit off-base in its values? Or that advertising executives (and other adults) have been a teeny bit more consumed with what they want than with your personal well-being? Please, consider giving the big “whatever” to the pressures of this world and choose to wait.  Maybe while you’re at it, choose another TV show.


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