Stay Classy!

Just because you’re an 18-year old hanging out in your wheelchair at an event for the First Lady doesn’t mean you won’t have to take your punches now and then.

P.S., a note to journalists: You’ve already aroused our sympathy with the idea of a girl in a wheelchair being punched in the face by a rabid war protester, you don’t really need to use the totally outdated term “wheelchair-bound.”  Her wheelchair is not a prison, it is a tool.  On the other hand maybe I’m just snarky because on the way to work I was “bus-seat bound” and now I’m “ergonomic office chair-bound.” Putting it that way, it is kind of exhausting.


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  1. GF said,

    April 24, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    I saw that story too. Wonder if Laura Bush will be made aware of it. Would be neat if she would send the young lady a note. COuch-bound mom.

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