Way To Go, Baby Daddy!!!!

A few weeks ago friends of ours put their beloved lab on feeding tubes to save him from a life-threatening digestive problem.  It was an admirable labor of love after months of expensive treatments and vet visits.  Discussing this situation in front of our pound dog Sampson, who despite his name has a chronic case of everything, hubby said, “well of course we would do the same for Sampson.”  I was glad for the moment that Sampson’s vocabulary is limited to “treat; walk; sit” and “eat it” (used for giving him his many prescriptions).  Because, frankly, I questioned whether feeding tubes might be crossing the line for poor old Sampson.  

Today, the situation gave me a great vision of what a fantastic baby daddy hubby is going to be.  He left the house at 6 a.m. in a suit to attend his Bible study and then spend a full day in court advocating for foster kids in a system that is completely exhausting.  Still, he reported in the lunchhour that he couldn’t chat; was across town putting seven different syringes of formula in a doggie-sized feeding tube, whereafter he would be cleaning the insertion point and heading back to court.  Motivated not only by the love of a friend, but by his compassion for animals.  All I could think was, “is this a guy I should be having kids with or what?”  Good thing since I’m 4.5 months pregnant!



1 Comment

  1. m said,

    April 25, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    no doubt, sampson, if needing to have supplemental feedings, would get it…..
    and yes, you chose well in the husband dept.

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