A Little Like Moses At The Red Sea.

There are many things I’m not proud of, like my love of Jimmy Buffet and the fact that I’m a teeny bit interested in Sex And The City. Among that list you could also find a category of behaviors labeled “I’m sometimes not above using challenges to my advantage.” Even other people’s challenges; I’ve used my disabled brother’s handicapped placard for a better parking spot in the summer heat (but only when he was present, of course!). Last night, this particular vice came out in a new way. My after-work bus was completely full. Weighted down with a heavy bag, my spare sneakers, and a book, suffering not-so-sensible pumps and a growing 4.5 months pregnant body, I tried something new.

I leaned back, made a face like it was Ellis Island circa 1905, rubbed my stomach and slightly waddled. And BAM!! Just like that 3, yes 3, men got out of their seats and offered them to me. One even walked from the back of the bus to tell me he had done so. I’ve never had the kind of sex appeal that could make this happen, so it was awesome in every way. And yes, I took a seat. Thanks fellas!!


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