Go Ahead, Laugh: It’s Funny!

 From the desk of our family archivist comes a memento that would be sad if not so hilarious.  Those struggling to mainstream kids with special needs may appreciate this early experiment in autobiographical fiction, written when I was about 10.  Suffice to say that 1) My parents were finding it difficult to get my disabled brother the equal education he deserved; 2) “Heather” = Me; and 3) I ended up becoming a lawyer.  A transcript of the bizarre cursive follows after the jump. Therapists, eat your hearts out.


Heather belonged to the Webb family.  They were a family of Stegosauruses.  Heather was 10, and the oldest.  Her brother Bubba was 5 and the youngest, and her sister, Bubbet was 7.  Even though she was the oldest, Heather was also the smallest.  When she was 4, her parents found out that she had a shrinking problem. But a month later it stopped.  She had been small ever since.  Her parents, Dudelly and Dudette, were suing the school because they lost her!  As you can see, the life of a dinosaur isn’t the greatest.



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