I’ll Never Look At Twinkies The Same Way Again.

Baby Daddy and I are beside ourselves, having learned this morning that we’re having a boy.  In order to tell us this fact the ultrasound technician pointed her cursor at an ambiguous grey blob on the screen and said, “see there, that’s something girls don’t have.”

You have to understand that from the particular angle involved the object in question did not even appear connected to our baby.  After an awkward silence during which I’m pretty sure the technician determined we were complete idiots, I managed to flaunt both my thorough knowledge of the birds and bees and my superior deductive reasoning.  I said, “I know girls don’t have penises, is that what you’re referring to?”  Uh, yeah. It was.

For some reason after that, maybe because she thought we were so dumb, the technician consistently referred to our son’s “twinkie” and his “missile.”  I’m hoping he doesn’t draw any such comparisons himself, as I’d like him to learn grown-up terms for his anatomy.  However, if he gets too lippy with me in his teenage years, you better believe I will remind him of this story.  Humble beginnings, is all I’m saying.  


1 Comment

  1. Hubby said,

    May 8, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Wait… I don’t get it- what’s a “twinkie?”

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