It’s Never Too Early…

To be thinking about Halloween.  Now that we know our baby’s gender we are fully consumed with determining what Halloween costume would best suit a 4-week old boy.  This is a critical decision because it’s the only Halloween on which we will have full authority to choose his costume for him and it’s a chance to maximize our candy intake.  Plus if we play our cards right we’ll have an excuse to put a wig on a baby, which is always a chance worth taking. 

So far the ideas have included a family of farmers with baby as the piglet, and a pioneer family with baby in some sort of sad-looking Christening gown.  If we could get three more baby volunteers we could do a miniature KISS Army with mommy and daddy as crazed groupies, but that seems unlikely.  So, prizes for the best idea; bonus points for incorporating our two huge dogs.   Comments anyone?


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