I’m Moving!!

Hubby is so metro that for a mother-to-be gift he made me a new blog!!! I’m moving to www.heymeg.com – one day soon I’ll learn how to automatically transfer everyone there.  But in the meantime, come and find me!!


It’s Never Too Early…

To be thinking about Halloween.  Now that we know our baby’s gender we are fully consumed with determining what Halloween costume would best suit a 4-week old boy.  This is a critical decision because it’s the only Halloween on which we will have full authority to choose his costume for him and it’s a chance to maximize our candy intake.  Plus if we play our cards right we’ll have an excuse to put a wig on a baby, which is always a chance worth taking. 

So far the ideas have included a family of farmers with baby as the piglet, and a pioneer family with baby in some sort of sad-looking Christening gown.  If we could get three more baby volunteers we could do a miniature KISS Army with mommy and daddy as crazed groupies, but that seems unlikely.  So, prizes for the best idea; bonus points for incorporating our two huge dogs.   Comments anyone?

Just Wondering…


  Is there anyone out there who still loves the comic strip, “Cathy?”  

  And why is that, exactly?

Go Ahead, Laugh: It’s Funny!

 From the desk of our family archivist comes a memento that would be sad if not so hilarious.  Those struggling to mainstream kids with special needs may appreciate this early experiment in autobiographical fiction, written when I was about 10.  Suffice to say that 1) My parents were finding it difficult to get my disabled brother the equal education he deserved; 2) “Heather” = Me; and 3) I ended up becoming a lawyer.  A transcript of the bizarre cursive follows after the jump. Therapists, eat your hearts out.

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If Only…

My computer has a little document tracking tool that is useful for revising legal briefs and contracts. It keeps track of every change as you go along. Sometimes at the end all that’s left are pages of red corrections and one or two original words. But then you get to click a button called “accept all changes” and – presto! – it makes everything magically perfect without a single minute of stress.

So now I’m thinking: wouldn’t it be great if life came with an “accept all changes” button?

This Thursday Is Blog Against Disablism Day.

Check it: May 1, 2008 is Blog Against Disablism Day.  A whole mess of blogs will be discussing discrimination against disabled folks, from political, social, moral, personal and any other perspectives people want.  Count me in!! 

A Little Like Moses At The Red Sea.

There are many things I’m not proud of, like my love of Jimmy Buffet and the fact that I’m a teeny bit interested in Sex And The City. Among that list you could also find a category of behaviors labeled “I’m sometimes not above using challenges to my advantage.” Even other people’s challenges; I’ve used my disabled brother’s handicapped placard for a better parking spot in the summer heat (but only when he was present, of course!). Last night, this particular vice came out in a new way. My after-work bus was completely full. Weighted down with a heavy bag, my spare sneakers, and a book, suffering not-so-sensible pumps and a growing 4.5 months pregnant body, I tried something new.

I leaned back, made a face like it was Ellis Island circa 1905, rubbed my stomach and slightly waddled. And BAM!! Just like that 3, yes 3, men got out of their seats and offered them to me. One even walked from the back of the bus to tell me he had done so. I’ve never had the kind of sex appeal that could make this happen, so it was awesome in every way. And yes, I took a seat. Thanks fellas!!

You’re Once, Twice, Three Times A Brawler.

I think I forgot to send one or two thank-you notes after our wedding five years ago, but now I don’t feel like we were such bad newlyweds afterall.  Excerpts from FoxNews.com after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Classy!

Just because you’re an 18-year old hanging out in your wheelchair at an event for the First Lady doesn’t mean you won’t have to take your punches now and then.

P.S., a note to journalists: You’ve already aroused our sympathy with the idea of a girl in a wheelchair being punched in the face by a rabid war protester, you don’t really need to use the totally outdated term “wheelchair-bound.”  Her wheelchair is not a prison, it is a tool.  On the other hand maybe I’m just snarky because on the way to work I was “bus-seat bound” and now I’m “ergonomic office chair-bound.” Putting it that way, it is kind of exhausting.

Etiquette in 2008.

I love to read etiquette books, especially very old ones.  The tips are often entertaining because outdated (like how to avoid advances from your boss), or useless (like how to dress for an audience with the Pope).  But they also give me a sense of well-being in knowing that I’m treating others appropriately when I might otherwise feel awkward. 

However, more and more frequently I am finding that even the modern books fall short for regular life.  For example, what was the appropriate remark when a man on the train told me out of the blue that he’d just done 17 years in prison for armed bank robbery, and was “looking to turn over a new leaf?”  I tried a simple, “good for you,” but it just didn’t feel right.

And what about this one? I’m pretty sure the barrist-a at my regular Starbucks is in the advanced stages of becoming a barrist-o.  She has a neutral name, like Jo, though I won’t disclose it because I feel like that would be rude.  She’s been on the masculine side since I met her, in terms of her hairstyle and posture, and her Dickie’s and button-downs.  Not remarkable, really, until I saw her today after her months-long absence.  Her hair was much shorter; her face more square.  “You got your haircut,” I said, “it looks cute!” 

“It was time,” she said.  Not an odd response, except her voice was about 10 octaves deeper.  So I got stuck pondering a follow-up.  Whereas “just in time for summer” might have worked, “just in time for becoming a man” felt a lot more accurate.  But how, exactly, would that play out?  Miss Post, please advise. 

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